Zander from the Gulf of Finland!

Zander Fishing

Guided fishing for zander

Fishing for zander has grown enormously popular both at sea and in our lakes. The probability of catch in the waters of Southern Finland is good, but the zander, especially the largest specimens, can challenge the fisherman with its unpredictable behavior.

Zander fishing trips are directed to the archipelago of the Western Gulf of Finland and to the largest lakes in Southern Finland. It is possible to fish for zander throughout the open water season, but at sea the best seasons are usually in the early summer and autumn. On the lakes, zander is a safe target throughout the summer.

We fish for zander almost exclusively by various jig fishing methods. Simple basic jig casting and vertical jigging are both effective ways to get the zander to show off its sharp impact on the lure. Zander is also delicious at the dining table, so we recommend that you take home one of the good ones!

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