Our Fishing Guide

Our Fishing Guide

Decades of solid experience and an unquenchable passion for fishing inspired us to start the Fishing Xperience. We want to share our best fishing spots with our customers, and we make every effort to ensure that our customers will enjoy the most memorable fishing experiences in our waters.

Our fishing guide Kari Koivisto, founder and owner of Fishing Xperience, started his fishing hobby in the late 1970s and has been an active sport fisherman ever since. Kari has become familiar with spin fishing, angling and ice fishing. Kari’s angling, and especially ice fishing, was competitive for years: Kari has achieved several Finnish championships and has been part of numerous fishing teams competing in international fishing tournaments.

Kari has become familiar with modern styles of pike fishing, zander fishing and perch fishing, without forgetting the more traditional fishing methods. We want you to try all these different, great and exciting fishing methods on our boat!

Kari is a qualified fishing guide and licensed charter boat captain.

FishingXperience/Kari Koivisto
Kari Koivisto, qualified fishing guide, Fishing Xperience.