Trophy pikes from the best spots

Northern Pike Fishing

Guided Pike Fishing

Pike, as a large and fast predator, is the number one favorite of many fishermen. Our pike fishing trips mainly focus on the western Gulf of Finland. At sea, the probability of catch is good and the opportunities for large specimens are always there. The pike fishing season starts after ice breaks in the spring and continues to late autumn until ice forms again. The peak season coincides with spring, early summer and late autumn. This is also a great opportunity to catch the eternally memorable trophy pikes!

We fish for pike with spinning gear, mainly using jerk lures, wobblers, shad jigs and spinnerbaits. In the fall pike can also dive deeper, making vertical jigging a lucrative and very fun activity!

10:00Meeting at the port of departure, reviewing the program of the day, changing clothes, gearing up for fishing, and departure with your fishing guide.
13:00Lunch break! Food just tastes better when you eat it outside!
17:00Return to the port or accommodation. Cleaning your catch, if you took fish for cooking.

Price for the trip: 715 € (1-4 person, including VAT). Larger groups are possible, reaquest an offer!

During the summer season, it is possible to arrange shorter four-hour trips, for example evening fishing. A shorter trip includes the same services and facilities as a full-day trip.

Evening trip price: 500 € (1-4 person, including VAT).

The price includes

  • fishing guide services and charter boat rental
  • fishing tackle and lures
  • life jacket
  • weatherproof clothing and boots

The price does not include the fisheries management fee, which may be payable to Metsähallitus based on the Finnish Fishing Act. Payment of the fee is mandatory if you are 18-64 years of age and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing. The fisheries management fee entitles you to fish in nearly the entire country using one rod. Proceeds from the fisheries management fee are used to manage fishing waters and fish stocks as well as to monitor fishing activity and provide advice to anglers. The fisheries management fee may be paid by the customer, or we can handle the payment of the fee on the customer’s behalf. In some cases, anglers will also require the permission of the owner of a given water area.

Catering services, like lunch boxes, outdoor dining or dinners can be provided if desired. Ask for details and pricing!

Ports of departure for pike fishing trips: Ekenäs and Inkoo. The best time to catch pike is April 15th – June 15th and September 1st – November 31st.

  • No previous fishing experience is required.
  • Our guides are qualified professional fishing guides.
  • Our boats have been inspected for the purpose of being used for commercial boating activities and our guides are qualified as charter boat drivers, as required by Finnish law.
  • Our clients are insured during the fishing trip.

Responsible fishing

To ensure the vitality of fish stock it’s not wise to keep all the catch. We practice catch and release fishing to reduce our impact on fish populations. You can keep some fish for cooking if you like, but let’s do it moderately and selectively!